LumenVox Speech Engine

Add speech recognition to your Asterisk system with LumenVox. The LumenVox Speech Engine is an API that performs speaker-independent speech recognition. It supports multiple languages and audio formats and uses industry standard grammar formats.

The LumenVox Speech Engine is the core technology that handles the recognition of words and phrases. The engine relies on "grammars" (lists of expected words or phrases that a caller might speak) to successfully recognize words.

For example, a call router/auto attendant application will have a grammar containing the names of all employees and perhaps additional keyworks like "Sales" and "Support".

The LumenVox Speech Engine is directly and seamlessly integrated with the Open Source Asterisk platform and Dial Plan through the unique Asterisk Connector Bridge. Application developers can easily build speech-enabled Asterisk solutions using the Dialplan scripting language, AGI or the C-API. The Engine is speaker and hardware independent, supports industry standards such as SRGS and Semantic Interpretation, and includes highly efficient barge-in and noise reduction technology for better performance in challenging environments

Standard License for Asterisk

The LumenVox Speech Engine Standard license allows for a production-ready installation of our Speech Recognition Engine to be run on your Open Source Asterisk platform.

The LumenVox Speech Engine Standard License does not have a limit on the number of vocabulary items per recognition. However, hardware and application requirements may limit the practical number of items in your grammar.

This license also includes Digium's Connector Bridge. This tool allows you to control the LumenVox Speech Engine through the Asterisk Dial Plan, making for a simple deployment of speech recognition to your IVR. It can be run on 32 or 64-bit versions of CentOS or Red Hat.

The LumenVox Speech Engine is purchased by channel (e.g. per port). When ordering, please be sure to update the quantity to match the number of active channels needed for your machine.

Subscription License for Asterisk

Announcing the next generation of speech recognition: the LumenVox Speech Engine is priced using a subscription model.

For just $29.99 per month per port you can install and deploy the award-winning LumenVox Speech Engine on your production application.

No contracts, no commitments, no hassles. For just $29.99 per month, you can add speech recognition to any application, running on any voice platform LumenVox supports. The price includes one LumenVox Standard license and access to the software, which gives you one concurrent channel of speech recognition. There is no limit to the number of words that can be listed in your application, meaning that you can create directories as large as you would like.

Need more users? Each port (concurrent call) license is the same $29.99 per month.

To use a subscription license, you will need to have Internet access on your voice platform or PBX machine in order to access the Internet-based LumenVox license server. The actual speech recognition will be performed by your machines, meaning all you transmit to and from the LumenVox data center are license requests. This ensures minimal bandwidth use, but does require that you run your own speech servers.


  • Speech-enabled company directory
  • Speech-enabled automated attendant
  • Speech-enabled virtual assistant
  • Advanced speech-enabled IVR systems


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