Aheeva Reporting Management

The AheevaCCS solution includes sophisticated management tools that allow you to measure the productivity of each aspect of your contact center by supplying you with complete live or historical data.

This information is essential for you to pilot effectively your campaigns, to supervise your agents and to improve the performance of your center. Our tools allow you a better management and process control..


Our supervision module provides the campaign manager with a view of all the campaigns through a secure interface, regardless of the location, simply via an Internet connection.

Managers can access the operational results in real-time and step in remotely.

  • Oversee your activities from any place with an Internet connection
  • Obtain live information on the number of calls, calls waiting in a queue, the number of agents allocated to a given queue, the maximum waiting time, the average waiting time...
  • Check the various status of the agent: ready, in call, or on break...
  • Have a real-time view of the number of calling list records processed, the number of remaining records, the number of lines being used ...
  • Control the productivity and bring improvements remotely with controlled access and a secure interface


Reports show you the level of success of every campaign thanks to detailed and complete real-time performance data. They provide you with better management and process control.

  • Reports by agent or by agent group: information about the various statuses (on-line, break...)
  • Summaries of the various activities by agent or by group of agents (how long the agent was talking with the customer, etc...)
  • Specific outbound and inbound campaign reports
  • Reports on the calling lists for outbound campaigns (handled callbacks, ended, planned, remaining records)
  • Reports on queues
  • The call details table allows you to get all the information needed to create your own personalized reports





Quality Monitoring

Thanks to our Quality Monitoring tools, make sure that all your agents have the information, the necessary skills, the attitude and the motivation to allow them to use all their potential for attaining your organization's objectives.

Our Quality Monitoring tools include a live listening module, complete audio and video digital recording and an evaluation forms module.

Live listening module allows you to:

  • Verify the adherence of the agent's speech to your business policies
  • Whisper "in private conversation" to provide tips to the agent without the customer hearing
  • Evaluate the agent's training level and skills

Audio and video recording module allows you to:

  • Record the calls in WAV or MP3 format and comply with the PCI –DSS standards (avoiding the recording of sensitive credit card -related information, optional encryption of recording, no special recording equipment is required)
  • Store the recordings and retrieve them using flexible search criteria such as agent group, agent, date, phone number, sales and campaign data
  • Replay video recordings to view the information entered by the agent in the customer's information page or in other applications

Evaluation forms module allows you to:

  • Create as many evaluation criteria as you wish
  • Create various possible answers for the open-ended questions
  • Group questions together and score every answer
  • Evaluate your agents on precise and modifiable criteria for the various campaigns


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