Internet Wireless Failover

Start protecting your business from network outages,
do not impact your revenue or your customers

Take care of your profitability

Do not allow Internet outages to affect your Company's revenue and productivity, companies lose millions of dollars every year, secure now the continuity of your business without losing money.

Invest with intelligence

The fixed secondary solutions cost more than hundreds of dollars per month, Wireless connectivity is a reduced, intelligent and guaranteed investment.

Advanced technology

With 4G LTE technology, wireless connectivity is the best choice for the continuity of your applications, your profitability and your business, regardless of network outages.


Everywhere, for every Business!

Electronic Payments

Do not go unprocessed with your payments and those of your customers with Credit Card. Allow your business to continue generating revenue even with network outages.

Cloud Information

Access without inconvenience to critical Cloud information, does not affect the performance of your company, you and your employees can always be connected.

Business Enabling

With the TelOnline Wireless Connection, increase services in your business without being affected by network outages: connect ATMs, point of sale devices, kiosks, digital signage, vending machines and much more.

Vehicle Connectivity

While in transit, connect our Internet solution to your vehicles and fleets, and provide your customers with wireless access.


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