Teledex Diamond Series

Timeless Design

Endless Applications

The world’s most popular guestroom telephone.

This is the phone that started it all. The Teledex Diamond Series is the world’s most popular guestroom telephone, with over 5 million in service worldwide. Available in single- and two-line models, with up to ten programmable guest service keys, optional speakerphone and more.

Diamond Series telephones, like all Teledex products, are designed from the ground up to last for years in the demanding hospitality environment. Engineered in America and Europe, Diamond Series telephones are as user-friendly as they are durable, thanks to the patented OneTouch voicemail retrieval technology.

So don’t expect many guest complaints about telephone, because you know when you’re buying a Teledex, you’re buying the very best.


  • Single and Two-Line Telephone
  • Guest Service Buttons – Up to 10 for one-touch access to hotel services
  • Raised Red Message-Waiting Lens – Easily seen from any area in the guestroom
  • Electronic 3-way Call Conference Function with LED indicator for convenient multi-line conversations
  • Mute Key – Deactivates microphone during speakerphone and handset calls; a red LED indicates activation
  • Redial Key – Automatically redials the last number dialed
  • Flash Key
  • Desk or Wall Mountable

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