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We specialize in revolutionizing how manufacturers and supermarkets collaborate to boost sales and promote products through digital coupons. Imagine effortlessly empowering supermarket owners with personalized, manufacturer-generated digital coupons. These tailored promotions are designed to attract customers and drive sales, all delivered directly to their fingertips. Enhance your customer engagement and increase your revenue with our seamless digital coupon solutions.


Community Building

Digital coupons provide supermarkets with a powerful tool to build and strengthen their community. By offering personalized and exclusive digital coupons and tailored promotions, stores can directly engage customers and drive sales. This approach not only helps gather valuable feedback but also fosters a sense of community among shoppers.

Brand Awareness

Digital coupons are an effective strategy for enhancing brand awareness for supermarkets. By offering personalized and exclusive digital coupons, stores can directly engage with their customers, driving both sales and brand recognition. Tailored promotions delivered directly to customers' fingertips not only increase immediate engagement but also leave a lasting impression of the brand.

Targeted Advertising

Unlock the power of WhatsApp to connect with your ideal customers. Our advanced messaging tools let supermarkets target specific demographics and interests, delivering personalized messages about exclusive rewards and tailored promotions straight to your customers' fingertips.

Online Shopping Integration

WhatsApp equipped with advanced messaging capabilities provides customers with the convenience of receiving personalized promotions and exclusive rewards directly to their phones. In the age of increased online engagement, this allows supermarkets to capture the attention of customers who prefer tailored, on-the-go updates..



Personalized Customer Interaction

Digital coupons are a key component in fostering personalized customer interactions. By offering customized and exclusive digital coupons, supermarkets can directly engage with their customers in a meaningful way.

Targeted Advertising and Real-Time Communication

Integrating digital coupons into targeted advertising and real-time communication transforms customer engagement for supermarkets. By using customer data, stores can create personalized digital coupons tailored to specific segments, ensuring relevance and maximizing impact.

Integrated E-Commerce and Online Shopping Experience

Integrating digital coupons into e-commerce and online shopping platforms revolutionizes the shopping experience for customers. By offering personalized digital coupons, online stores can directly engage with customers, providing exclusive discounts and promotions tailored to individual preferences and shopping behaviors.

Multi-Platform Access


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With Shopper Direct solution we know our shoppers´ needs.

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Shopper direct help us to save a lot of money in marketing expenses.

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A great way to improve our shopper experience

Robert Taveras

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Digital coupons help you connect with your customers by offering personalized discounts and promotions, driving engagement, gathering valuable feedback, and fostering loyalty through tailored and timely offers.

You can use digital coupons to enhance your supermarket’s shopping experience by offering personalized discounts, promoting exclusive deals, encouraging repeat visits, and providing a seamless checkout process. Digital coupons help in engaging customers with targeted offers, gathering valuable feedback, and building customer loyalty through tailored and timely promotions.

You can target specific customer groups through digital coupons by analyzing customer data to identify preferences and shopping behaviors. Use this information to create personalized and relevant coupon offers tailored to these segments. Distribute these digital coupons through channels that your target groups frequently use, ensuring they receive timely and attractive promotions that meet their needs and interests. This approach increases engagement, drives sales, and builds customer loyalty.

You can measure the success of your digital coupon campaigns by tracking key metrics such as coupon redemption rates, sales increases attributed to coupon usage, customer engagement levels, and feedback from recipients. Additionally, analyzing data on customer retention, repeat purchases, and the effectiveness of different coupon distributions can provide insights into how well your campaigns are performing. This data helps refine future strategies for even greater success.

Yes, digital coupons are suitable for small grocery stores. They provide a cost-effective way to attract and retain customers by offering personalized discounts and promotions. Digital coupons can enhance customer engagement, drive sales, and foster loyalty. They are easy to distribute through various digital channels, making them accessible and convenient for both the store and its customers.

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