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All large companies began as small businesses. With a little help from VoIP, businesses of all sizes can grow their profits and their brand recognition. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is another name for Internet calling. When users pick up their phone to make a call, that call is connected using the Internet instead of using old fashioned analog technology.

VoIP calls are usually around 60 to 80% cheaper than traditional phone calls, and since the calls use the Internet, VoIP calls usually come with extra features that help companies expand their business:

  • UNLIMITED NATIONWIDE CALLING. Almost all VoIP providers offer cheap if not unlimited nationwide calling. Growing businesses can’t afford phone restrictions as they try to better connect with current clients and potential customers with cheap VoIP phone service, growing businesses never need to worry about roaming charges or overage fees popping up on the phone bill. Cheaper phone rates make it easier for cold calls or long distance calls, and all that money saved can get invested back into the business.

  • FREE BUSINESS FEATURES. Almost all business VoIP plans come with an abundant amount of free features that help businesses increase efficiency and cut down on costs. Most VoIP plans include: Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Conference Calling, Voicemail to Email, Music on Hold, Auto Attendant and Call Recording.

  • EASY SCALABILITY FOR QUICKER GROWTH. Companies with extensions need the way to grow quickly and cheaply. This is where a VoIP PBX comes in handy. On top of cheap prices, VoIP extensions are also extremely easy to add companies with old fashioned telephone wires need help from a technician each time they want to add or move an extension to a different part of the building. With VoIP extensions, companies just need to request a change from their VoIP provider and it’s all done online. This makes it quick for companies to grow its workforce.

  • GREAT COMMUNICATION WITH A REMOTE WORKFORCE. Telecommuters are a growing force in the marketplace. A remote workforce that either works completely from home or that is traveling a few days a week can save companies a great deal of money on in-house utilities while also increasing work productivity. One of the best ways to stay in contact with remote workers is with Softphone. Employees can download a VoIP app to their home computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. This way employees never miss any important office call and they can stay connected to the company even when the employees are at home or on a business trip. Less in-house working means more time for networking, promoting, and learning, all this helps the business grow.

All companies want the ability to grow their business. With VoIP, this is a whole lot cheaper and easier to do. We recommend you hire one of our VoIP services at, through [email protected] or by calling: USA +1-954-894-6181, Colombia +57-1508-8884 or Mexico +52-554-163-4865

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