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TelOnline and RingVoz Design a Powerful VoIP Telephony Solution for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

It is the first time that a powerful solution of everything “location” and everything “air” is offered in bundle format, using the expertise and products of TelOnline and the infrastructure and platform of RingVoz, a USA Telecom Carrier, that provides complete VoIP Telephony and IP Fax whether in the Cloud or On-Premises, in four different and scalable configurations, offered through RingVoz BUSINESS.

November 24, 2015, Miramar, Florida, USA – TelOnline, a leading provider of VoIP business phone systems whose mission is to deliver the most innovative and reliable communication technology solutions to its clients, partnered with RingVoz, a versatile USA Telecom Carrier that provides both Retail and High Volume VoIP traffic, to design four bundles of VoIP Telephony Solutions. “This is a first,“ said Iván Peñalosa, COO of RingVoz, “because it is a unique offering in this competitive market.” The offering consists of four bundles, each geared to specific solutions. The basic configurations are HOSTED PBX, Cloud-based complete system of VoIP Telephony, and ON-PREMISES PBX, to de deployed within the clients’ premises. Both Bundles are available with or without IP Fax.

“This is a novel concept,” said Juan Carlos Castañeda, CEO of TelOnline, “because we are able to provide four Best of Breed IP Phones, and all the functionalities associated with RingVoz platform, together with robust and reliable products such as AsteriskPBX and a dependable solution of Fax over IP.” The bundles will be marketed under the RingVoz BUSINESS logo, and all the engineering, provisioning, and support will be offered by the combined engineering team of both companies. “One main feature is the inclusion of everything a company needs to go VoIP: a DID Telephone Number, another for the IP Fax options, and the ability to configure the IVR Auto Attendant at two levels,” said Juan Carlos Castañeda. RingVoz BUSINESS decided on launching this special offer through to ensure maximum exposure and high availability. “Our Call Center is ready for the support, which is a continuation of the excellent Customer Service for which RingVoz is known,” added Iván Peñalosa.

RingVoz is a Telecom Carrier that provides Retail and High-Volume traffic over Internet and specializes on VoIP Telecommunications. RingVoz BUSINESS is the Division created to manage the partnership with TelOnline and is structured around a highly capable and efficient international platform. Learn more about RingVoz at, call +1 954.237.2245, or email our Sales Consultants at [email protected].

For more information on how TelOnline can help your business improve its business communications, contact us for a free demo or consultation. Learn more about our capabilities at , call +1 954.894.6181, or email our Sales Consultants at [email protected]

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