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How Grocery Stores are Using Mobile Marketing to Boost Sales and Loyalty
Grocery stores can send notifications of deals and discounts through SMS or MMS to attract customers to the store






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What do we do?

Shopper Direct is a powerful digital solution that enables independent grocery stores to join the digital transformation process, by providing them with the tools to increase sales, customer loyalty, and by allowing them to communicate with their shoppers in a more effective and personalized way. The custom mobile application is a key feature that enables the grocery store to have a direct relationship with their shoppers and to offer them an easy and fast shopping experience.

Many grocery stores offer shopping reminders through SMS or MMS. This can be useful for reminding customers about items they left on their shopping list or for reminding them about products that are about to expire.

Triggered Messages

99% of Text Messages, SMS-MMS will be read by your shoppers.

Push Notification

Keep your shoppers updated all the time.

Send Promotions

With Shopper Direct you can send promotions to your shoppers on a daily or weekly basis.

SMS Broadcast

You choose what kind of messages will be sent to your shoppers



Innovative Ways Grocery Stores are Leveraging Mobile Marketing Technology

Custom App

Get customized app with your brand.

Capture Shopper Information

Get to know your shopper and their consumer habits.

Send Instant Coupons to Shopper

With SHOPPER DIRECT you can send coupons to your shoppers whenever you wan

Multi-Platform Access


Be on top of Digital Transformation with Shopper Direct and stand out from your competitors.

Shop smarter and save more with the Shopper Direct loyalty program for independent grocery stores. Sign up for SMS alerts to never miss a deal.

Full Integration with your current POS system.

Enhance your customer loyalty experience with our Shopper Direct program, seamlessly integrated into your POS system, including support for popular brands like LOC Software, NCR and more.
How Grocery Stores are Using Mobile Marketing to Boost Sales and Loyalty

Interviews and News

Exclusive discounts and offers await with the Shopper Direct program for independent grocery stores. Sign up for SMS alerts to stay informed

How will Shopper Direct help me increase Sales?

The aftermath of the Covid pandemic, inflation, and unequal competition keep independent supermarkets in an endless search for savings alternatives in their operations while continuing to offer quality and convenience to their customers. A difficult task to achieve, but not impossible, at least for Shopper Direct.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

With Shopper Direct solution we know our shoppers´ needs.

Tony Diaz
CEO Top Value

Shopper direct help us to save a lot of money in marketing expenses.

Kent Tavera
CEO FoodFair

A great way to improve our shopper experience

Robert Taveras

Shopper Direct FAQs

With Shopper Direct you can connect with your shoppers via SMS/MMS just in seconds, anytime, anywhere sending them promotions on a daily or weekly basis.

Yes, but compared with the amount of money you are spending on sending circulars to their homes , you will be saving money and time.


You will have access to a Portal in order to get track of your shoppers by date, week and time.


Yes. You can send Multimedia Messages as long as the image uploaded don’t exceed 500 MB.


Prices may vary depending on the volume of SMS/MMS sent.


Your business is responsible. In some cases We can help as well.

Yes. Any language can be added/removed from the platform.

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