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We specialize in helping companies transform their customer engagement by leveraging the power of WhatsApp. Imagine effortlessly reaching your customers with personalized messages about exclusive reward points and tailored promotions, all delivered directly to their fingertips.

Community Building

WhatsApp enables supermarkets to create a personalized experience with customers. Through tailored messages about exclusive reward points and promotions delivered directly to their fingertips, stores can gather feedback and foster a sense of community.

Brand Awareness

WhatsApp empowers supermarkets to shape their brand image and highlight their values, unique offers, and distinctiveness. By delivering personalized messages about exclusive reward points and tailored promotions, stores can keep customers informed with timely updates and curated content.

Targeted Advertising

Unlock the power of WhatsApp to connect with your ideal customers. Our advanced messaging tools let supermarkets target specific demographics and interests, delivering personalized messages about exclusive rewards and tailored promotions straight to your customers' fingertips.

Online Shopping Integration

WhatsApp equipped with advanced messaging capabilities provides customers with the convenience of receiving personalized promotions and exclusive rewards directly to their phones. In the age of increased online engagement, this allows supermarkets to capture the attention of customers who prefer tailored, on-the-go updates..



Personalized Customer Interaction

WhatsApp, with its advanced messaging capabilities, offers customers the convenience of receiving personalized promotions and exclusive rewards directly to their phones. In today's era of heightened online engagement, this allows supermarkets to capture the attention of customers who prefer tailored, on-the-go updates, enhancing their shopping experience and boosting loyalty.

Targeted Advertising and Real-Time Communication

Leveraging data analytics and audience insights, supermarkets can craft targeted WhatsApp campaigns that reach the right customers at the right time. With the ability to share real-time updates and personalized notifications, WhatsApp enables highly responsive and effective marketing strategies, ensuring your messages resonate with your audience and drive engagement.

Integrated E-Commerce and Online Shopping Experience

WhatsApp equipped with advanced messaging features provides a seamless way to connect with customers. By sending personalized promotions and exclusive rewards directly to their phones, supermarkets can offer convenient updates and attract customer engagement. This creates a cohesive omni-channel retail experience that caters to the modern consumer's needs and preferences, boosting loyalty and sales.

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With Shopper Direct solution we know our shoppers´ needs.

Tony Diaz
CEO Top Value

Shopper direct help us to save a lot of money in marketing expenses.

Kent Tavera
CEO FoodFair

A great way to improve our shopper experience

Robert Taveras

Shopper Direct FAQs

Using WhatsApp can help you connect with your customers in several powerful ways:

  1. Direct Communication: WhatsApp allows for real-time, direct communication with your customers. You can answer inquiries, provide support, and engage in conversations, creating a personalized connection.

  2. Personalized Promotions: Send tailored messages about exclusive reward points, special offers, and promotions directly to your customers’ phones. This targeted approach makes your customers feel valued and appreciated.

  3. Instant Notifications: Keep your customers informed about new products, sales, and events with instant notifications. This ensures they never miss out on important updates.

  4. Feedback and Surveys: Collect valuable customer feedback through surveys and direct messages. This helps you understand their preferences and improve your services accordingly.

  5. Enhanced Customer Service: Use WhatsApp to provide quick and efficient customer service. Resolve issues, answer questions, and assist customers in real-time, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.

  6. Community Building: Create group chats or broadcast lists to foster a sense of community among your customers. Share relevant content, tips, and updates to keep them engaged and connected to your brand.

  7. Multimedia Sharing: Share images, videos, and documents to showcase your products and services. Visual content can enhance customer engagement and drive interest in your offerings.


Using WhatsApp, you can enhance your supermarket’s shopping experience by offering personalized promotions, instant updates, and direct customer support. Send tailored messages about exclusive rewards and special offers, provide real-time notifications, and engage with customers through direct communication for a seamless and engaging shopping experience.

You can target specific customer groups through WhatsApp by segmenting your audience based on demographics, purchase history, and interests. Use these segments to send personalized messages, exclusive promotions, and tailored updates directly to their phones, ensuring your content resonates with the right audience and maximizes engagement.

  • Message Open Rates: Monitor how many customers open your messages to gauge engagement.
  • Click-Through Rates (CTR): Measure the number of clicks on links within your messages to assess interest and interaction.
  • Conversion Rates: Track how many recipients take desired actions, such as redeeming a promotion or making a purchase.
  • Customer Feedback: Collect and analyze feedback from customers to understand their satisfaction and areas for improvement.
  • Response Times: Evaluate how quickly and effectively your team responds to customer inquiries and messages.
  • Customer Retention: Measure the impact on customer loyalty and repeat business resulting from your WhatsApp campaigns.

Absolutely! WhatsApp is highly suitable for small grocery stores. It offers a cost-effective and efficient way to:

  • Engage Customers: Send personalized promotions, exclusive deals, and updates directly to customers’ phones.
  • Enhance Customer Service: Provide quick responses to inquiries and support, building stronger customer relationships.
  • Boost Sales: Notify customers about new products, sales, and special offers in real-time, driving more foot traffic and online orders.
  • Build Loyalty: Create a sense of community and loyalty through tailored messages and exclusive rewards.

Using WhatsApp can help small grocery stores enhance their customer experience and grow their business effectively.

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