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At TelOnline we offer telephony solutions that fit your budget and industry.
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Thinking about the needs of resellers to build a modern and profitable IP communications system that ensures interlocution between stores, vendors, warehouses, buyers and sales teams, 

TelOnline presents VoIP solutions rich in features, including:
– Call waiting,
– Conference calls,
– Voice recording,
– Voicemail, among others.

At TelOnline we connect hundreds of retail stores with IP PBX that simplify the management of your communications.

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Government and financial agencies are facing the challenge of cost savings, staff efficiency, and security requirements.

At TelOnline we provide solutions to these problems with mobility, collaboration and unified messaging tools, that make your agency a modern, dynamic and flexible workforce.

Helps to interconnect the agencies and employees to improve productivity and to reduce the costs of communication and investment.

The main benefits of VoIP are:
– Custom routing of incoming calls,
– Integration of smartphones without revealing your personal contact information,
– Accessing and controlling your voicemail from anywhere,
– Call recording,
– Being able to integrate without problems with the existing IP networks and the PSTN lines, among others.

If you need an easy-to-use, function-rich phone system that enhances the customer experience, you came to the right place!

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Voice, video and data services are basic to perform health care functions such as telehealth and support mobility for health care personnel.

While intense competition in the hotel industry drives to pursue the high efficiency of the communications and information management system.

TelOnline offers cost-effective solutions for these sectors that handle the requirements in the legacy PBX transition to IP PBX.

A VoIP Business phone system provides support beyond answering calls:
– It can connect staff and customers in a matter of minutes,
– Have data at your fingertips from your office or from your mobile phone,
– Allows recording,
– Call monitoring,
– Encrypted messaging,
– Secure access to data via web portals and other security features.

The full scope of the solution includes:
– Gateways as a bridge between VoIP and analog phones,
– Open API for PMS integration, CRM and a wide range of compatible phones for rooms, reception and offices.

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A great call center is the first step in excellent customer service.

It will help you optimize the time and skills of your staff while providing a better user experience as it is usually the first point of contact that customers use.

Enjoy a broad set of unified communications features planned to help call centers succeed.

Such as:
– Smart queue management,
– IVRs,
– Advanced reporting tools,
– Real-time monitoring,
– Simple configuration and management with the Unified Communication Panel (UCP),
– Integration with Softphone, CRM and more.

Technology is constantly evolving as online commerce continues to grow.

But at TelOnline we give your organization the tools needed to be a competitive and customer-centric company.

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