Complete integrations between different forms of communications such as text messages, phone calls, emails, among others.
Telephone equipment designed to provide unified communications services through data networks.

Because of this, Calls will be managed using internet protocol as transportation technology.

The unification of all communication components will provide a homogeneous, efficient and productive user experience.

Small Business Medium Companies Large Companies Virtualization

The desktop IP phones are the most used in business environments, at TelOnline we offer options from leading manufacturers.

They are designed to operate with an IP PBX, they are available in different models and with a wide range of functionalities.

So your choice will generally depend on the user’s role and the needs you want to cover.

You can select from basic terminals with one line and one network port to the most advance with:
– Bluetooth,
– Color display,
– Touch screen,
– Integrated camera
– And multi-line management.

Digium Sangoma Yealink GrandStream

Hotel Phones Jabra Headsets Plantronics Headsets

In Asterisk you can develop state of the art communication solutions. It is the engine of many applications, including:
– Automatic call distributors,
– Conference bridge,
– Voicemail,
– And unified messaging.

It is sponsored by Digium and is the most popular unified communications project in the world that allows to convert a conventional computer into a communications server.

In this section, you will find high-level tools and components that significantly simplify the process of building such telephony applications.

IP Phone G.729 codec Speech Technology

Analog Cards Digital Cards Hybrid Cards

At TelOnline we offer efficient solutions to ensure that you will reduce your customers’ waiting times.

Therefore, you won’t lose any call and you will maximize the productivity of your company by improving the customer experience.

Here you will find customizable and flexible tools that offer a wide range of integrated features; aimed to optimize the campaign management and improving the effectiveness of your employees.

Basic Profesional Dialer Call Disposition

Evaluate this variety of devices, which will help you with analog, digital or GSM interface links to an IP PBX.

Furthermore, provides the ability to access advanced services such as IVR, call recording, and more.

Allows integration of your existing legacy infrastructure into a modern VoIP connection using SIP. They are manly used for:

  1. First of all, connecting a modern VoIP system, for example, a virtualized IP PBX, to a PSTN PRI trunk.
  2. Also connecting a modern VoIP system only to analog telephone lines, analog phones and fax machines via FXO/FXS ports.
  3. Furthermore, updating legacy phone systems, which allows to use the SIP trunk link instead of a ITSP.
  4. Finally, acts as a bridge connecting an inherited PBX through a PRI interface and an IP PBX through a SIP connection to support a migration initiative.

At TelOnline we offer a wide variety of Gateways according to your needs, for small and large companies.

GSM Ports Digital Gateway Analog Gateway

With recordings your company has control over customer retention, dispute resolution and critical business concerns.

At TelOnline we offer call recording solutions with high encryption technology, storage in data center networks, secure user interface to recover calls, easy monitoring and evaluation of employee performance.

Offering exclusive features and functionality to meet specific requirements that suit your company.

Solutions in the Cloud On Premise Solutions Hybrid Solutions

The most versatile high-definition (HD) video conferencing solutions available on the market today, to maximize your work time.

Connect with your team instantly with integrated audio, video and web conferences, as well as a shared screen.

TelOnline offers a range of professional video and audio conferencing equipment designed to give you an incredible meeting experience around ease of use, with plug and play configuration, very intuitive controls and that fits the needs of small, medium or large companies.

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TelOnline provides you with the call accounting solution for companies that require:

  • – Track productivity in calls from a sales team,
  • – Receive notifications on site,
  • – Record and detect calls for optimization of the voice network.


In addition, it allows the programming of reports, logging, observe the management time, detection of call fraud, customer service interactions, implementation of effective reports and many other facilities.