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Text messages, phone calls, emails, video calls, among others

Unified communications through Cloud PBX, Chat, videoconference and SMS.
Agent provided support through IP phone, laptop, SMS and smartphone

Telephone Systems

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Technological solutions designed to offer unified communications services over data networks. By unifying your communications: chat, calls, email and more; you will get an efficient, functional and productive user experience.

Telephone Line Integration

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There are a variety of devices available to help you integrate legacy infrastructures such as analog, digital, or GSM lines with a cost-effective cloud telephony solution. By upgrading to a VoIP connection you will get access to advanced services such as IVR, call recording, among others.

Unified communications from data servers

When is a gateway implemented?

Meeting room using high-end video conferencing devices

Versatile High Definition Meetings

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TelOnline offers you a range of professional equipment designed to give you an incredible meeting experience focused on ease of use, with plug and play configuration, very intuitive controls and that adjusts to the needs of SMBs.

Monitoring and Accounting on every Call

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With the high-tech solutions we provide at TelOnline, monitor and/or record each call easily to be prepared for the resolution of critical business disputes. Detect fraud, evaluate customer service interactions, track employee productivity, and more.

Agent unifying your communications with our Solutions and saving money

Unified Communications FAQs

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Using Unified communications, the SMB (Small and medium sized business) will experience increase in their productivity due higher mobility, collaboration, and time saving. Using the softphone can get more mobility, with the Presence functionality can save time, avoiding unnecessary calls transfers.

 The collaboration increases with chats, video conferences and instant messages tools. Multiple systems are eliminated optimizing and simplifying the business process with the Unified communications, and it is an easier way to keep the workers in touch.

The benefits are:

Can choose between: Appliance with software installed. Server on premise or server in Cloud. Cloud server hosted by TelOnline. 

Manufacturer maintenance and Support for updates and bugs reports. 

Software licenses, IP phones, Gateways.

 TelOnline Initial configuration.

 TelOnline annual Support for issues with the phone system or any configuration changes.

We have different brands for Unified Communication Solutions to offer, between the most important are: 

The Unified Communication solution with PBXact platform that includes PBXact software and features, and Sangoma hardwares like PBX Appliances, IP Phones and Gateways.

The Unified Communication solutions with Switchvox platform, that includes Switchvox software and features, Switchvox hardware appliances, Digium IP Phones and Sangoma gateways.

The features are Call control, Collaboration, Mobility, Call Management, Voicemail/Messaging, Reporting, Web based Management, Call Training, Contact Center Applications & Integration.

The features are:  Call Recording reports, Class of service, Conference Pro, Extension Routing, Fax Pro, Park Pro, Page Pro, SysAdmin Pro, Voicemail Notify, Voicemail Reports, Phones Apps, Softphone Integration and CRM Link Module.

Yes, the analog and digital phone lines can be integrated using our gateways.

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