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We Transform Business Communication

Business Communication using UC, Security, costs-effective in our solutions

TelOnline since 2005 has been delivering consistent solutions to customers in the United States, Caribbean and Latin America.

Headquarter in Sunrise, Florida and multiple partners nationwide and abroad, providing telephony services specializing in solutions, software development, consulting, and tools for SMBs.

Our solutions improve our clients efficiencies, reduce costs, and streamline processes. TelOnline team is highly experienced in management, customer relationship, project management, and customer support.

TelOnline is a select partner with multiple manufacturers in the industry, as well as numerous strategic business partner alliances.

TelOnline is a Certified Minority-Owned Small Business (DBE/MBE).

Mission Statement

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Listen to our customer needs and always seek the most convenient cost-effective solution for their business, without compromising safety security or quality!

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TelOnline team working in the office with passion and commitment for their clients

Vision Statement

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Establish a strong win-win situation with our customers and business partners, creating day to day strong alliances, enjoying the work, with passion and commitment.

Our Core Values

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Our Team

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Juan Carlos Castaneda, TelOnline CEO

Juan Carlos Castaneda

Founder and CEO, Entrepreneur, Electronic Engineer specialist in Telecommunications, Blockchain, FinTech and Management

Ivan Penalosa, Telonline CTO

Ivan Penalosa

CTO, Electronic Engineer with experience in operations in telecommunications

Marta Salgado, TelOnline CFO

Marta Salgado

CFO, Master in Administration and Finance

Evelio Gilmond, TelOnline Project Manager

Evelio Gilmond

Project manager. Computer Engineer, expert in networking, computers and project management.

Anel Bartumeu, TelOnline Project Engineer

Anel Bartumeu

Project Engineer. Telecommunications and Electronics Engineer, Master in Telematics

Magdervy Araujo, TelOnline Customer Service Specialist

Magdervy Araujo

Customer Service Engineer, Telecommunication Engineer


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TelOnline Advanced Communications Solution

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Adriana Malanga, The Caribbean Resort By The Ocean

"We are very happy with the telecommunications solution that TelOnline has provided for us."

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Director Caribbean Resort

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TelOnline Advanced Communications Solution

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Adriana Malanga, The Caribbean Resort By The Ocean

"Estamos muy contentos con la solución de telecomunicaciones que TelOnline ha provisto para nosotros."

Adriana Malaga
Directora Caribbean Resort

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