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Using last generation technologies and agile methodologies that improve the efficiency of your processes. Our custom solutions are built to suit and meet your unique business needs. We are experts leading and managing business software development teams, trained to design and develop custom business applications.

Why TelOnline?

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We are an international company, established and operating in the United States, provider of information technology, software development and telecommunications solutions, with extensive experience in the market and several certifications in the State of Florida including the CBE certificate, “County Business Enterprise” for Broward County.

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Our services include information gathering, planning, definition, design, development, implementation and maintenance of business applications according to market demands.

We provide customized solutions in Business Architecture, Business Process Management (BPM), Application Integration or Migration, Virtual Servers, API Services, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI).

Our web application development service, chatbots (Integration with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp), mobile applications for iOS and Android, allows us to turn your idea into reality with the privacy and security that each project deserves, meeting the needs of the end user.

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TelOnline has participated in a variety of projects including web-based applications, cloud services, reporting and data analysis; backed by our technologies

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Our Support Service

You will have at your disposition a certified support engineer for Asterisk-based platforms and configuration of telephone services. You can count on a team of professionals that provides...

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Integrations and Developments

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We offer an easy management of systems based on telephony and IP video, using technologies such as WebRTC and Open Source solutions such as Asterisk, our programming knowledge and skills in managing Asterisk give the advantage to your business of having a solution outside the standard installation.

Among the developments are: Interactive Voice Response (IVR), IVR transactional system (credit card payments), Parking Payment System, Call Center Service Level Reports, Online Business Visibility Reports, Voice Response, Automatic Voice Recognition (ASR), among others.

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Support & Development FAQs

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The manufacturer support includes software maintenance with software updates, and bugs reports.

The TelOnline support includes assistance for any change in the configuration, or problem resolution in the IP phone system.

Dial 011+ Country code + Phone number.

If you have metered plans make sure you have balance in your account. If you don’t have balance in your account, you may send us an email to [email protected].

If you have unlimited plans remember the unlimited phone calls are only within USA and Canada.

If you are already subscribed for TelOnline Support, you may send us an email to [email protected].
If you want to subscribe for TelOnline Support, you may send us an email to [email protected].

Yes, we have 800 and 8xx toll free numbers available. You may send an email to [email protected] to request it.

Our development team can evaluate your CRM integration using APIs.

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TelOnline Advanced Communications Solution

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