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Voip telephony and Unified Communications are the main topics covered in our Blog of technology.

For the complete integration between the different forms of communication such as:
– Text messages,
– Phone calls,
– Emails,
– SMS,
– CRM,
– Etc.

It is what is defined as Unified Communications (CU). In conclusion, the unification of all communication components will provide a homogenous, efficient and productive user experience.

In addition, at TelOnline we offer voip telephony solutions that fit your budget and adapt to your size and industry.

We also provide solutions in the cloud that allow you to transform your communications in offices or call centers through the internet.

Unified Communications Solutions (UC) hosted by a monthly fee that includes all the features of a traditional PBX.

Do not stay without enjoying all the features; since you will get mobility, call control and productivity tools for the same price and for all users.

And if at any time you wish you can pass without problems from a hosted PBX to a physical PBX without operational changes.

Finally, with our special offer you will be sure of your decision to hire one of the voip Telephony solutions, it offers you all the benefits you are looking for.