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We live in a world where technology makes us more connected every day. Change and convergence seem to be the norm. Change is everywhere, but with special emphasis on the telecommunications sector thanks to its role as a facilitator of the new app-based experiences.

Convergence, because we now have devices that replace many others, if not physically, at least in functionality.

Thanks to this, the time in which just as the cellphone replaced the landline, the corporate world will become more personal in terms of communication style.

Thus, the companies have had to adapt and create two new environments on the same device.

This is an extreme case of forced convergence: the personal environment and corporate functionality coexisting in the same device.

This brings us to Unified Messaging UM. Regardless of which definition we adopt, it is a matter of navigating platforms and devices in a way that is completely transparent to the user. No matter where I am, I must be able to communicate in the same way I do in the office.

The only difference is in the device: when I’m out of the office, the cell phone, in its Smartphone version; inside the office, using the desk phone. It doesn’t matter which technology enables me or where I am. Let’s add all the other features, such as document management, security, collaboration, and messaging, and we have a whole new world… using most of the technology available today. New developments, new ways to connect.

We, as users, expect this cell phone (the Smartphone) to provide us with everything we leave behind in the corporate office; and better yet, it does so, because the permanently connected individual is, for better or for worse, always available and always working. We give no thought to the intricacies of the underlying technology, and that is how it should be.  Everything must be transparent. The growth of the App continues to evolve and the user experience is more enjoyable and simple and, more importantly, easier to install and maintain.

We have to be able to operate at the same levels as the simple app and have the complexity of delivering multiple functionalities, all within a high speed, high quality framework, where resources compete with the scarcity of financial resources within a World Class performance. This is the real challenge of this wonderful world of the UM, where the individual is forcing change and where the Corporate World either accepts or disappears. For more information on how TelOnline can help your company improve your business communications, contact us for a free demonstration or consultation. Learn more about our capabilities at or call +1 954.894.6181

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