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Everyone talks about how wonderful it is to communicate now, geographical barriers broke down and costs are becoming more competitive every day. But in companies this issue becomes a bit more complex, since it is mentioned to radically change the communication infrastructure with a vision and durability through the years. Here we will give you 5 tips to help you navigate the competitive VoIP environment.

1.- Select “Open” Brands. You really want a new sink in your kitchen and one of the options in the store seemed right, but for the sink to work properly, you also need to buy the same brand of refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and microwave. Ridiculous, right? You would not choose that brand for your kitchen, and you should not be forced to use the same scenario for your company’s communication system.

With switchvox, interoperability is easy. Most business phone system vendors require you to buy their phones, and some require you to buy their networking equipment too! With Switchvox you can choose IP phones from any vendor that supports SIP, the most popular VoIP protocol, or you can choose to use analog phones while migrating.

2.- All Features Included. The ideal is to have the set of features or telephony products under a single license. Get mobile applications, call recording, desktop fax, ACD, presence and much more. All in one integrated solution at an affordable price. Well, all Switchvox features are included for each user!

3.- Future Proof. Who wants to continue the process of buying office technology over and over again? Nobody, that’s who!! A system that will work for you today, just as it will for years to come, is a logical choice that many companies believe they should sacrifice due to the costs.

Protect your investment. Phone systems are very expensive to update, if they have an update path! And with the patented technology inside, there’s no guarantee that protocols and internal parts are even in use within a couple of years! Digium builds products on a community-based open source software and open standards technology, so Switchvox can outlast the life of any corporation.

4.- Easy to Use. Calling a specialized technician to your location every time you want to make a change is a sure way to unnecessarily slow down the pace of your business, but this is just what many phone systems require. With Switchvox you do not have to worry and you can save more. Switchvox has an easy to use, point-and-click interface, written in plain English and without much technical jargon, so you can handle most of the maintenance you want.

5.- Many Products in One. You might be shopping for a phone system, but wouldn’t it be great if you got some other useful communications tools too?

With Switchvox, you’ll get a chat server for private instant messaging for your employees, a fax server with fax to email, video calling capability, and a conference bridge in addition to an award winning IP phone system.

Our VoIP experts will show you that Switchvox phone system will change the way your business communicates, while giving you the security of knowing you’ve made the right choice. You can learn more about our VoIP services Here!

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