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Bogota, Colombia (PRWEB) September 02, 2011 – Axesat, S.A. has awarded TelOnline SAS., a contract to enhance their internal and external telephony communications system. The main objective of this project was to obtain an IP telephony solution to provide different services aimed at increasing productivity and control of the company. The solutions implemented by TelOnline include a Switchvox platform with 150 extension, 3 primary and contingency on servers, telephony access to the administrative area, call center and remote offices and an interactive voice response system. Switchvox is a platform that offers a friendly interface for both the end user and the administrator. The solution for Axesat includes a unified messaging system that allows mobility through smart phones like Blackberry, iPhone & Android; the pattern of high availability and support for SIP devices, softphones and IP phones, make it a great cost/benefit relation.

Axesat’s IT manager Rafael Molano said they choose TelOnline, because “TelOnline is an authorized Digium partner in Colombia and they also have strategic alliances with various telecommunications sector allowing them to offer integrated solutions. TelOnline is backed up by a team with business experience, and technical support.”

“Among the most important benefits, after implementing Switchvox, was the constant communication with the integration of the telephone system and the email system and it is even more significant when we consider that we can have our extensions work with our PCs, laptops and smartphones, in short, we are connected all the time”, said IT manager Rafael Molano from Axesat.

“Our goal is to provide Colombia and Latin America countries the opportunity to select the right products and solutions for their company, allowing them to choose their VoIP technology and apply it to help grow their business and get the highest return on investment. Axesat awarding this contract to TelOnline is well on its way to achieving that goal”, said President Juan Carlos Castañeda.

“This is a great example of how TelOnline integrates multiple products and services to provide the best solutions for our customers,” said President Juan Carlos Castañeda.

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TelOnline is a company that offers and consults specialized solutions in telephony. The tailored solutions include VoIP telephony, IP-PBX, call centers, automatic dialers, call recording systems, cloud telephony services, embedded software development for telephony and integration, video conference and more. TelOnline is a selected partner of Digium, Asterisk makers, Oaisys, as well as numerous strategic business partner alliances within the industry. TelOnline is committed to providing the best products and services to markets in the United States, Caribbean and Latin America. Our team is highly experienced in commercial, development and support engineers. If you would like more information about TelOnline, please visit or call: USA +1.954.894.6181, Colombia +57.1.508.8884 or Mexico +52.55. 4163.4865.

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