Advantages of Yealink phones in the VoIP market

Yealink is a leading VoIP phone brand with advanced features, superior audio quality and low cost. If you are considering upgrading your conventional phones to an IP solution, Yealink phones can be a great option. Here are some reasons to choose them:

Superior Sound and Quality:Yealink phones have high definition audio that provides clear and sharp calls. They use advanced voice codecs like G.722, Opus, etc.

Elegant design:Yealink phones have a modern and elegant look with color displays and a slim compact design. They look professional and high quality.

Extended features:They offer a wide range of features like presence, call history, audio and video conferencing, call transfer, voicemail, desktop applications, etc.

Easy setup and management:They can be easily configured and managed through the cloud, Yealink mobile app or web interface. They do not require complicated setup.

Low total cost of ownership: They have a low initial cost and reduced operating expenses. They are well suited to limited budgets.

Interoperability: They are compatible with most VoIP systems and providers, making them a flexible option.

Quality and durability: They are built with robust materials and have a dirt and dust resistant design. They come with at least a one year warranty.

he case study of Acme Consulting shows how Yealink phones helped them achieve:

Up to 70% reduction in international call costs by switching to VoIP

-All required advanced telephony features in a single platform 

-Centralized simple configuration and management of all Yealink phones

-Perfect interoperability with their existing enterprise systems  

-High employee satisfaction with the HD audio quality and color displays

In summary, Yealink phones offer a wide range of functional, economic and quality benefits, as shown also in Acme Consulting’s success case.

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