Call Centers + AI: ¡The Perfect Partner!

Call centers employ millions of people worldwide, but many of these jobs are at risk of being automated by artificial intelligence.

Call centers employ millions of people worldwide, but many of these jobs are at risk of being automated by artificial intelligence. AI-powered chatbots and interactive voice response systems can handle much of the work that human agents do today.

For example, AT&T is using an AI chatbot called Claude to answer 80% of the most common customer billing and technical support questions. T-Mobile and other companies have deployed similar systems. Startup Anthropic has created a virtual customer service assistant called Claude that can understand natural language and have full conversations for companies like Allstate.  

While the total automation of call centers may seem unlikely, AI will fundamentally transform the nature of many jobs. Conversational bots will be able to handle simple, repetitive calls while humans focus on more complex interactions requiring empathy, judgment, and emotional understanding.

“Human” skills like empathy will remain highly valuable. Companies will have to better train and specialize their human workers. Agents who can leverage the best of AI while also delivering a great customer experience will be in high demand.  

In the future, we see call centers with humans and bots working side by side. AI can free up humans from routine, repetitive tasks so they can focus on building meaningful relationships with customers. With the right combination of people, bots, and a human-centered vision, AI can enhance and transform call center work rather than simply replace it. The future will be “human plus machine,” not “human versus machine.”

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